A Day of Red

I am Red
A woman forged
Through red flames
A blazing inferno of a phoenix
Always rising again

I am Red
A woman embracing
A gentle heart
Wrapping warmth and love
In strong arms

I am Red
A woman thinking
In numbers and facts
Changing the science game
With brilliant minds

I am Red
A woman of spirit
Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife
Hand in hand
Sirens singing a song
A human song

I am Red

I am Woman.

Today is Women’s Day, and around the global women, and men, are standing up to support the other-worldly contributions that women play in everyday life, let alone life changing and altering fields.  We are standing up to be counted, and saying that we cannot keep playing into history’s hands, repeating it, and pushing women down below their male counterparts.

As a struggling female writer, (and artist, as I am in dress rehearsals for a show going up this weekend, eep!) I am reminded how far we have come (I had the great Tamora Pierce in my library as a kid, and now look how many of us populate the shelves?!), and how far we have yet to go.  Until all boys pick up a book led by a female character and simply shrug, putting more stock in the story, not the protagonist, we have to keep pushing, and… fighting.

And this doesn’t just apply to women, though today is focused on us.  It applies to POC and LGBT+ characters, of which many ARE women.

Equal footing.  THAT’S humanity.  And as artists, is that not our call?  To reflect humanity?  Or pieces of humanity as accurately as possible (and I’m not talking about excluding fantasy, of which human nature is often THE central force)?


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