A Writer’s Resolution

Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions, or goals.  I’ve taken to calling them goals, so it stings less if I don’t manage to reach them.  To me, goals are long term, but resolutions are that fad we make in the last days of a year.  So… goals.

Typically, people want to lose weight/be healthier (great resolutions to be sure), get better jobs, or little organizational improvements.  These are great.  But as a writer, what goals do we make?  Finish that book we started months ago?  Write more?  Write better?  Writer something new?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes. and Yes.

But how do we do that?

I’ve found that us creative types, (and if I’m honest, I’m going the MBTI route and saying my ENFP status doesn’t help) then to have 20 projects going, or on the back burner, and still we start more.  We overflow with ideas and concepts without sitting there and finishing the first one first.  This isn’t bad.  We need us.  We need this overflow or we become creatively and emotionally constipated.

My solution to this?  Embrace it.

For me? I never work better or faster than when I have a deadline.  That’s how Turned/Red was written.  I had a writing group I felt responsible for, to provide a chapter a week for, and thus, the story happened.  I let it happen because I told myself to write for an hour a day, no matter what.  That’s what I’m going to do: write for an hour.

Now, that hour doesn’t have to be spent on the same project every day.  That’s why I have that side project (though it has been doing its job and refocusing me on my big projects).  One day could just be this random snip-bit of an idea, just to get it out.  Or maybe it is writing that book you need to finish.  But an hour is doable, at least for me.  I can do that before I go to my day job, or at the end of the night when I’m surfing Pinterest.

Granted, it has only been four days (I gave myself New Year’s Day off to recover… and work), but I can say that it is working.

I can also say that this new book is going to be A LOT bigger than originally planned.  Whoops.

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