A Little Side Project

Now that my first book is available to purchase (head up to the Books page to check out where you can get it!), I’m working on my next major writing project.  It will be an epic paranormal fantasy project, a place where I have longed to juggle to write, so I’m going to work on it.  But it’s a slower project than my other book, or even anything else I’ve written.  There are a great many little plots to juggle and make sure they have the time to grow, and that’s exciting, but it means not rushing like a fool straight in.  I’m excited for it.

In the meantime, while I work out the kinks in that story, I want to keep in practice, which brings me to my little “side project.”  I got it in my head to write short, 1000 (at least) word “chapters” to a little story, and post the results on FictionPress for everyone to read.

breeder1It’s a different sort of story, and not the YA read that Turned/Red is, but it is set in a political future that isn’t so bright.  A young woman, one of the rebel forces that call themselves “The Mutineers,” has been taken into custody one last time.  While she’s used to being chained, and beaten, usually she is released.  Not this time.  This time she has made herself noticed by the upper reaches of society who want to re-make her into a slave, a slave called a Breeder.  They want to make an example of her.

As you can see, my love of George Orwell and Margaret Atwood are alive and well.  But if you’d like to read along, please do!  You can bounce over to FictionPress today to read the first “chapter!”


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