Love Is … and it’s enough

I know it’s been quiet around here.  It’s what happens when you suddenly, but thankfully and amazing, get thrown into a show that goes up within two weeks of joining… Now that it is underway and there’s oh, a week before I start rehearsal for another show, I can sort through things and get back to posting and working on that book that’s coming out in November…

But for now… solemnly, I cannot let what happened in Orlando go by.  I stand as an ally and friend to the LGBT community.  I will stand and fight and pray and love with you.

And while I haven’t been able to write for some time (lots of reasons that will compose a blog post later), I have been able to write poetry.  This one… this one is for you.  For the world.  For every human being out there… and because Lin-Manuel Miranda has given us a mantra…

Love Is…  Enough.

I want to scream
To cry
To raise my voice so loud that
The Heavens shake
That the World shakes
That every human sees each other
Each other
Every vein runs red
With the same blood
Everyone is
Some.  One.
I want my voice
To rise with millions
That enough is enough
Love is enough



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